Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are you wondering...

What has happened to: Iwouldratherbeknitting ?????????????

I've been having a few adventures.. have taken a lot of photos.. but, I've not been able to post some time because... (I tried to download some photos several times.. and this slow, slow server kept taking forever..not just slow. an hour and it still hadn't downloaded photos? So, I'd give up.)

They finally found my 'lost' household goods storage shipment... so, I've spent a few days.. going through my current possessions.. seeing what I could get rid of.. (wish we could hold garage sales at our houses.. but, I've asked and Americans living off post can't do this-- since, your wouldn't be paying German tax of 19% of the items sold... and American's aren't suppose to sell imported DUTY FREE ITEMS (my household goods or things that I buy at the BX on base) to foreign nationals (applies to whatever country I happen to be living in that isn't America)

So, I've gone though clothing and found appropriate things that I could donate to an address for the US Military group that does humanitian efforts in Afghanistan. I'd rather eliminate the 'middle man'... and send things straight to the military guys that help out those in the refugee camps, the street kids, local hospitals, and the schools. I also usually knit warm wool hats during the summer that I mail to them in September.

Anyway... I said 'appropriate' because.. you can't send: shorts or sleeveless clothing... sundresses and the like.. because, it's a muslin country and we need to respest their clothing attire.

We do have a thrift store on base that you can use to sell items on 'consignment'... problems are:

1. They are only open limited days (I've heard it's a few more times per week) during the hours of: 10.00am- 2pm... those hours just don't work out for a school teacher that goes to work by 7am to 3:30 or later if we have meetings after school.

2. They only accept items for consignment if they are going to resell for: $25.00 or more (I'm sure there is a cap on the 'or more')

I mean... come on... it's a thrift shop! How many items does one usually have that someone is willing to pay $25.00 for???? *And, of course, the thrift shop takes a cut of the selling prices.

I think that what this ends up promoting is 'donating' to them... and then the items donated can be sold for 100% profit for the thrift store.

ANYWAY... I'll try to find at least a couple of things I can take to the thrift shop and of course I'll toss some things.

Meanwhile.. anyone want to come and help me unpack 9 sea crates of stuff? (A lot of furniture came in that.. so, at least it's not 9 whole crates of boxes to unpack.. but, there are far more boxes to unpack than I wish to unpack.

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