Sunday, July 19, 2009

I can see the light...

the unpacking light that is...

My company gets here tomorrow- Monday. So, today, Sunday, is clean up day. Sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, clean out the tiny refrigerator and defrost the even smaller freezer. How small is it you ask? YOU have to put the ice-tray in sideways-- not the usual way of pointing towards the back!

I'll also put anything that still doesn't have a home away in the 'storage room'... and just pretend it's all done.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of my bedroom. I finally have a bed upstairs. They couldn't bring my beautiful wrought iron bed that was made for me in Italy.. because of the narrow stairs that are in my house. Yes, narrow stairs with a TURN in them! Grrr

So, I still had my old brass bed- that was the same size as my old mattress that was going to go on the new wrought iron bed.. that I had wanted to sell before I moved from Italy 4 years ago... so, at least I have a bed upstairs... and of course the guest bed for the company.

I finally got my bedroom 'mostly' finished.. art work up on the walls/etc. Photo taken at night- so, forgive the photo quality. Later, I'll take photos of the 'guest quarters'... which is where I'd been sleeping-- but, now it's all decorated, unpacked.. no longer do you have to walk through skinny trail through stacked boxes.

Anyway... here ya go..
This is what I use for my 'dresser'.. it's actually an antique 'buffet' that I bought in Korea. I stack sweaters in the door areas. Socks, undies, etc go in the small drawers.

I really liked this piece. I thought it had character with some beautiful carvings along the sides and I could see it being used in various rooms. I have several pieces of Korean furniture.. well, I have lived there three different times.. for 9 or 10 years... but, I tend to buy pieces that will go with other items. Like American antiques and also Italian pieces. I tend to buy pieces (other than this buffet) with clean simple lines and I think that helps them blend in with other pieces from other countries.

This is my great grandmother's rocking chair. I had it recovered in Korea before I left; with some fabric that I bought in the Fabric market in Seoul. That's the heating source on the wall to the right of the rocker. Warm heat rises from the pipes.

To the far right- you can see a piece of furniture- that was designed to hold a tv. Of course, with the slanted ceilings on some of my upstairs walls- this is the only wall that it would fit on. So, there isn't going to be any 'tv viewing' from the bed now.. ha ha. I put my old, old 110 voltage American reception only tv in the 'entertainment room'.. (some people would call it an office). So, the big open (for the tv) is going to hold blankets and bed linens/etc.

This is the old brass bed- that I had made for me in Korea (the first time I lived there) in 1992. This rug was in this storage shipment. The bedspread, I bought in Korea in the fabric market- they also have wonderful bed linens there. This is actually a full-size and really needs to be just about 10 more inches wider for this queen sized bed. I made the bedskirt with some fabric that I bought at the fabric/yarn market building in Seoul.

I have put artwork on the walls everywhere.. including the stairwell. It's beginning to look like a home and that I actually live here.



lovely, simply lovely

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks... I won't mention that this is probably the 'cleanest' that the room will be... :D

Actually, this room was empty except for the 'buffet/dresser and the small night stand by the bed' so it wasn't as difficult to organize/unpack/arrange as most of the other rooms in the house have been.

However, it was still nice to finally see something get 'finished'... after days and days of stuff hauled up and down the different floors as I unpacked items.

Jana said...

SO nice! 1000 times nicer than my "living quarters"! The only "furniture" in this place that is mine is some bookshelves!
Your place is big and beautiful!
I remember a heater like that in Austria when I was there for a mission trip once. The barracks I stayed at in Wurzberg was old and ratty! We didn't even have curtains, but had to put a sheet up! Ah, Army life! LOL!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

You have everything looking fantastic it looks very cozy!