Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anyone still out there?

I am finally in my house... with a phone and CONNECTED to the Internet! *Notice that I did not mention anything about being completely unpacked..

Whew! It's been quite the ordeal... let's just say this... I signed up for the phone service about 3 weeks prior to moving into my apartment and it was about 6 1/2 weeks before a PHONE LINE was installed in my new house.

When the '30 something' phone guy came to my house... we had to go 'floor to floor' looking for where the phone lines might be located... (all I had were little plastic disks covering holes w/ wires in various rooms in my 3 floor house.

WELL... well... imagine my surprise when ONLY ONE PHONE LINE was discovered... on the third floor and not even in the master bedroom. Yes, I said: ONE PHONE JACK

When I said something to the German guy about it.. he said to me in his thick, heavy, accent... "You have ONE PHONE- you don't need anymore!" I think that my mouth was gaping open and that I might have had to push my mouth shut.... lol

OK, Maybe not... but, I had the wide open mouth 'expression' in my mind anyway.

Here are some photos... (yeah.. photos... did I hear cheers in the back of the room?)

The moving truck arrived w/ 11 of the sea crates. It started raining - so, the plan was formed (by me) for me to move my car out of the garage... so, that they could unpack one crate at a time to the garage and then haul the contents inside the house.

Curious as to how the unpacking is going? Enough said... (I have done a lot- but, I just stopped doing anything for the past 10 days... but, will have a go at it again tomorrow.)

And thank you so much to my faithful readers... who are still checking to see if there has been a new blog entry posted. I have missed posting to my blog.


susanc said...

Congrats on moving into your house. I'm glad you finally have a phone and have internet access now! Wow, that's a lot of unpacking to do. It's amazing how much goes into moving, especially to another country!

Have a great weekend. Glad to read you're doing well.

Happy Oktoberfest!!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thank you... and I'm at the stage of: WHY DO I HAVE THIS MUCH STUFF... (also seen on the other end as you're getting ready to MOVE somewhere!) :D

Mulderknitter said...

So happy to see you getting a bit more settled, and back to the posting! Want more pics of the lovely landscape you live in!

Renna said...

Bless your heart! I remember how frustrated my daughter got when living over there, trying to communicate with various utility companies, and the interminable wait for them. She learned that the lovely people of that land do not get in a hurry.

I'm subscribed to you in my Google Reader, so I know when you've posted. I was tickled to see that you had, thinking it might mean you're finally back online. Hurrah for you! :-)

Rebecca Jo said...

Glad to see you are surviving!!! Good luck on all the unpacking - WOW! I'm sure that can be over whelming!!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yes, overwhelming is exactly what happens. The movers came on a Thursday, I unpacked some that night, for 5 hours on Friday night after work, all day Saturday and Sunday... starting at 6:30am... opening up boxes and putting things by the stairs to indicate a 'going up or going down' trip for the items.

Then, I continued to unpack all the next week- when I'd get home from work... and again the following weekend... all day Saturday and Sunday...

I had never lived in a multi-level house before... and there's always a lot of items found in the boxes that the movers pack that go in various rooms of the house... well, let's just say you notice it even more when you have 3 levels to your house! :D

Anyway, I took last week off.. at night.. I had a neaten up living room, half of the kitchen (the cabinets and counter space area), an area to sleep, an organized bathroom. Towels and sheets had been found, a few 'fall-ish' long sleeved tops had been found... so, I was good 'enough'... and just stopped unpacking last week... AT NIGHT when I got home from work.

It helped- I am ready to unpack again.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

So good to see a post from you hun, I'm sorry to a bit late at responding though, Hope the unpacking is coming alonge for you, it's never fun for sure!


your legs are getting in to great shape with all those levels!