Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I think that the boxes are multiplying in the dark...


I finally unpacked and put away things in the Living Room... so, I'd have at least one area that looked 'finished'... it really has helped too--- it was getting so discouraging to have stuff all over the rooms, waiting to find their new home, boxes ready to open, etc. It's just difficult to do much during the week- I have worked all weekend the past 2 weekends... (my things were delivered on a THUR and I had that weekend and then this weekend to unpack)

I know it will get done eventually... but, I'm ready for it to be finished now.


The other morning, it was so foggy you couldn't SEE ANYTHING... even the reflective line on the side of the road was difficult to see. I was glad that there was a truck in front of me for awhile- I could follow his fuzzy red lights.

I found out that when I turn on the oven... (electical) it trips the lights in the house and other things 'off'... I'm glad it wasn't dark when it happened- because, I didn't even know where the fuse box was located! I tried two times and decided not to continue trying to use the oven. Once the house is unpacked and 'landlord' visitor ready- I'll ask the landlord to come and look at it for me.

Last Sunday, I stopped unpacking about 7:00pm... (I had started that morning at 7am) and decided to watch a movie on my DVD player. Yes, I had hooked that up rather quickly- since, I didn't have a tv or a radio to listen to. :D

I watched one of the THIN MAN movies and knitted a little baby bootie for a gift. It was so much fun to finally have my hand well enough to knit something. Have you ever seen any of the THIN MAN movies?

Keep checking in... I'm sure that I'll have Internet and phone service soon... I'm sure of it. Really, I am... after all... 5 weeks have gone by since I first signed up for the service.


Renna said...

My family moved out of state when I was in about 14. My mom had the movers place a lot of the boxes in our attached garage. Once we had unpacked all we seemed to need and had the house set up, that garage still seemed to be full of boxes. It became a standing joke all the years we lived there, that if you couldn't find something, someone would say "it's in that box in the garage!". We never did unpack all those boxes! ;-D

I seem to recall my daughter having to wait a couple of months to get phone service when she was over there. She said they don't get in a hurry for anything there! ;-Þ

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I'm sorry to hear about your stove doing that, how strange?!?! Hopefully it can be easily fixed.

It's good to hear your getting settled in a little, I miss your blog posts and look forward to seeing more of your new place :)


o god do i remember that fog! i immedilately knew what was meant by the phrase, so thick you could cut it with a knife!