Sunday, October 5, 2008

There's Frost on the pumpkin... errr... on the grass?

I woke this morning to a hard frost...

This is part of my yard from as seen out a window upstairs... that tree in the middle? My very own apple tree! I've never seen a triangular yard before though. The yard still has blooming flowers and trees in various areas. MY landlord lives next door (bottom left side of this photo- you can't see his house in the photo) and he planted both yards and did an amazing job. It looks like my yard will be a 4 season yard. I'll post more photos later of the yard.

This is actually the second time that there has been a heavy frost on the ground. The first time was around September 8th! Made me kind worry for the upcoming winter-since, I'd never lived anywhere where the frost came that early in the season!

I wanted to make my front doors more welcoming and found a beautiful blue glazed pot for the front steps. I also purchased a big pot of mums... full of tiny buds that have now started to open up.

My house is a light yellow color- so, I thought that this was the perfect touch.

I also bought some flowers for my kitchen windowsill. They made me happy to look at them- even though there were unpacked boxes elsewhere in the house.


Miss Hannah said...

That yard is just beautiful - well done the landlord! Apples from your own apple tree really nice to eat as well as look at.

Renna said...

You have a lovely yard, and the flowers in your windowsill look elegant as well as pretty.

I guess you better make sure you've unpacked the box marked winter clothing! ;-)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I have located my coat, scarves and gloves/mittens and a few long sleeved shirts and some long pants! I was still wearing capri pants and summer tops... when I moved in and it was getting a wee bit NIPPY!

AND.. the yard is even prettier than the photo shows-- very little of the plants are in the photo.

Bad news though... it's in my lease that I will SHOVEL the snow from the driveway/road in front of my house, and my sidewalk... uh, guess I had better find a snow shovel somewhere!!

Christine said...

Ack! Boxes, boxes and more boxes! But, on the positive side you have a lovely yard and your very own apple tree! Looks like winter may start early there.

So glad to see you hooked up and able to post again!


it is a lovely yard and i agree that a lovely blue pot full of yellow flowers is most welcoming. i love african violets too! this house does not face the right way and is a killer of all living i have adjusted to wild flowers in the yard.