Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can knit again...

I have had a really bad tendon injury in my left thumb... it was painful and I couldn't do much of anything... an the USA Hand surgeon put me in a cast for a few weeks, then in a brace for even longer... and told me NO KNITTING! Ok, I would have not knitted because it was too painful to do so-- but, doing what he told me to do and following it- also kept me from having to have hand surgery. I was even honest and asked if it was OK to knit. Of course, he said... "NO KNITTING!"

I have really missed being able to knit. A couple of weeks ago, being really tired of unpacking... every night and all weekend for 2 weeks- and having had just recently unpacked most of the yarn... decided it was time to take a break from the boxes and do some knitting.

I made this little baby set. It's for the first grand-daughter of a friend who used to teach at the same school as I did in America. She stayed there teaching when I moved overseas.

And a close up of the little booties. I loved the colors in this set-- and figured it would go with anything a little girl baby might be wearing.

This was made for an unknown child in the Alaska Head Start Program. Someone on posted about the need for warm (soft wool) mittens and hats for the children sent to school without them. No mittens or hats in ALASKA? The land of snow? How could I resist? I knitted a hat/mitten set.

I usually knit hats for the children in Afghanistan during the summer and send them over there early fall- but, my hand wasn't well enough this year... I'll still try to knit at least 2 or 3 and send them over there. I figured that there is always going to be a little girl or boy in Afghanistan who needs a warm hat, right?

AND this is my 8" x 8" knitted acrylic square sent to another poster on The squares will be put together to make a blanket for a little boy who was needed some extra love and comfort.

Now, you know why I haven't finished unpacking... I took a break for awhile and knitting is much more fun.

See, I do knit once in awhile! :D


Renna said...

The baby things are precious! I admire your knitting abilities. Mine simply aren't very advanced yet. I'm okay with that, though..for now, anyway. I am enjoying knitting baby hats for charity.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks! I love to knit hats for charity too- I usually send them to Afghanistan for our troops to give them to the kids in the refugee camps, etc.

You are doing an important thing-- by knitting your precious hats-- keep it up.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Adorable!! So good to see some knitting from you :)

Diamond said...

Those booties are kind of fascinating. The rainbow effect looks different from that on the hat. Cool!


pictures...i love pictures and these are lovely and all the kids wherever they aare will love nice lady person