Saturday, June 28, 2008

What does a knitter do when they have a cast on their left thumb/hand/arm?

No knitting that's for sure. It's even difficult to type on the computer. Why do I have a cast on my left limb, you ask? If you have been reading my blog on a regular basis- you might have noticed that I mentioned that I did have an injured left thumb/tendon/etc.?

Well, I saw the hand surgeon in the states on Monday and he put me in the cast and I have to keep it on 100% 24/7 for a week-- and then, on the second week, I'll be able to take it off a couple times a day for 5 minutes.. (one of those times will be used to take a shower-I can guarantee it). The third week, I'll be able to take it off for an hour at a time for a couple of times a day... then, I'll go and see the doctor again to see what the next steps of medical care will be. The other options are: cortisone shots and/or surgery. Of course, I'm hoping that the cast isolation will do the trick and I won't have to do anything else- other than keep it in a brace for continued recovery?

Anyway, I am already tired of the cast and it seems to make me notice the pain in my thumb area even more... since, it's isolated. Or maybe that's my imagination?

Here are some more Grand Canyon photos. Enjoy.


susanc said...

More gorgeous pictures. That's a bummer about the cast, but it will be worth it if it helps. I was wondering how it was doing; as you hadn't posted about it in a while, I was hoping it was all better. Having the cast probably does make you notice the pain more. I hope it feels better soon.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yes, I think that I notice the pain more--- because, I can't do anything to make it stop hurting... can't rub it, etc.

Starting on Monday, I get to take it off for 5 minutes twice a day... woo hoo... I will use one of those times to take a quick shower.

I hope that this plan works too and I'm not using my hand... other than to help 'sometimes' carry a plastic bag (if too much is in the other un-injured hand)... but, otherwise, I've tried to be a good patient and give it a chance to get well.

Rebecca Jo said...

Sorry your stuck in a cast - but think of it as a good test of patience???? Trying to help :-)

lizzzknits said...

I hope you heal soon and get back to knitting. Enjoy your time in the States, before you head out to Germany. You are fairly close to me at the Grand Canyon. Colorado here.....if you get closer, let me know. Liz


o, i am so glad you injury has not impaired you photography!

hey have you looked on the web....there is a thiny that you can use that will allow you to have a free hand...started in brittian.

is hand all well now!