Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Call the cops.. I think someone stole my snowman..

Now, I realize that 'that' statement isn't one that you expect to hear in 'oh, I don't know.. the month of JUNE??'

Yes, I do know that winter is long gone... and I know that this cute little snowman that I adored and hauled all the way home on 2 subway transfers... (along w/ the other stuff that I bought) should have been put up long, long ago... but, he was just so cute greeting me at the door when I came home and the fact that I'd forget about him after I walked into the apartment has no bearing whatsoever on forgetting to bring him indoors. Nope, none at all.

Even if he did contrast badly with the spring tulips hanging in a basket on my door.. Hey, who says you can't straddle two seasons at once... "OK, 3 seasons at once."

But, anyway... I came home and he was no longer standing guard in his corner... I'm not happy about it...

But, then again... maybe one of my two Korean neighbors (who do not speak English or to me at all) took it... because, it grated on their last nerve one time too many as they stood waiting for the elevator? AND, maybe they thought that I had already moved out and left it behind? After all, the delivery truck did pick up my storage items yesterday???

Either that... or my snowman ran away to the Swiss Alps where there is snow year round? Maybe it finally got so hot that he melted? Or in my staying up too late doing endless, endless things for packing... and it's to the point that I don't know what I'm doing... and I forgot that I brought my snowman in the apartment last night?? *Truthfully, I don't think it's that- I've been putting all the holiday stuff in the guest bathroom (in the tub out of the way) and he is not there... I've looked 3x in the past 15 minutes... hoping, that he'd be there. And another clue? My snowman mat and the tulip flower basket was still on the door. Le sigh...

What I think is that one of my 2 neighbors took the snowman... saw the movers yesterday and maybe they just thought that I had moved out??? And, thought he was up for grabs.

So, I did the only thing that someone who speaks only English could do to put up a 'lost and found' poster for a missing (and maybe sort of stolen) snowman for the neighbors that only speak Korean...

I was just reminded that I had bought other cute little stuffed snowmen (wreath, free standing snowman very much like this little guy) etc. were stolen by workers at the storage facility when I moved to Italy 4 years ago. Sigh..

Which reminds me... it's time to start doing more stuff... the movers come in 14 hours.... sigh.. (it' might be an all nighter folks)


Rebecca Jo said...

Hang in there - I can't imagine how tiring it must be to do all this moving in foreign places!

And poor Mr. Snowman! Is he being held for ransom?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I guess after seeing the snowman's cute little face for about 6 months that they just couldn't bear to see him move away???

Guess what? My visual 'lost and found' sign worked.... I took some trash down late last night- and after I had entered the building past the security guard... (no English either) he says something and I stopped and he handed me the little guy.

I guess that one of my neighbors 'those that wanted the snowman for their own'... and 'maybe', thought that I had left him behind???? and that it would be OK to take the little snowman... saw my note and instead of putting him back at my front door- gave him to the security guard.

I had already tried to go to my neighbors to ask about the snowman... which didn't work and why I made my 'visual sign' about the missing snowman.

YEAH! He's back home!! Laying on top of the other holiday items in the bathroom.

Mulderknitter said...

yay! mr snowman is home! i must have pms because the first time i read the post and saw your little "lost" pictures, i nearly cried. really.