Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If only it was that easy....

An ad that I saw in 'Little India' in Singapore... or was it in Bali? No, I'm sure it was in Singapore... I think?

That's what happens when you don't post your photos immediately after you go somewhere... hee hee

And, on the knitting front....
It's actually a pretty deep red.

I knitted this on the plane ride from Korea to AMERICA. It's knitted out of baby alpaca from Peru, purchased in Seoul, South Korea, and knitted while going over the International Date Line.

It's a gift for a fellow knitter's mom who is undergoing CHEMO. A group of other knitters on a knitting website: Knittinghelps.com are making knitted items to send to her.

And look closely at this hat... it was almost an international incident that might have stopped knitting needles being allowed on planes. Oh NO! WHY? WHAT HAPPENED? All good questions, "Grasshopper."

Well, if you don't know how to knit... you usually knit a hat using 4 or 5 double pointed (sharp on both ends for the non-knitters) needles. I happen to use wooden needles made out of bamboo. They are about 8 inches in length and a little thinner than a pencil.

Well, there I was... knitting along on the hat and I had about an inch knitted- or the ribbing that is closest to the ears... when, suddenly... one of my knitting needles bounced out of my hand, ricocheted and hit the arm rest, bounced up and hit the window, and then flew over the seat to an unknown location 'somewhere a row or two behind me'.... I immediately shifted my knees so that I could stuff my yarn and knitting into that little magazine, safety poster pouch right in front of my knees.

AND,I kept my eyes forward, giving no indication that I was the 'reason' for the flying sharp projectile. I also listened for sounds of: "OOOWCH" "Something flew into the air and landed my eye!"

I could just see the headlines... International injury caused by flying sharpened projectile wooden object over International waters... just hours before crossing the International Date Line. Investigation is on-going in this International incident.
Updates at eleven.

This has never happened, to me, anywhere else... and despite it all... it was quite funny- and when it happened, all I wanted to do was "LAUGH"... but, I had to hold it in. I waited about 20 minutes and when no one emitted a blood curdling scream of pain, I started knitting again. My seatmate slept almost the entire way- and when we arrived at the gate in San Francisco, I told him about it- so, he could help me sort of 'look' for the needle. He couldn't help it-- but, laughed out loud for a few minutes when I described my accidental flying knitting needle. We didn't see it under our seat or the seat/floor behind us... who knows where it landed. I'm just glad that it wasn't in an eyeball.



you are so bad!

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment, but it got lost...here goes again!

I have never had a knitting needle fly like that! It would be scary! They will probably find it in the clean up, and will wonder who "smuggled" it on and for what nefarious purpose!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I know... I've never had an 'air-borne' needle either... and for it to happen on a plane?? yikes!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

ROFL!! Too funny about the needle :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I read that on Knitting Help & cracked up!!!

Your hat is beautiful! And if you ever do find any of that soap - I'll buy some myself :-)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

See, I knew that I should have bought some of the soap... I could have been rich 're-selling' it!

Or at least it would have been a conservation piece in the bathroom?

Yes, it was so funny when it happened... and my 'seatmate' whom I didn't know... and knew nothing about nor no one who knitted laughed and laughed at the story when I told him about it 12 hours after it had happened. :D

lizzzknits said...

Welcome back to America. Glad you don't have to spend 20 years in knitting jail!


ok, you little terrorist, where are you now!!!