Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Blaze, the cat who doesn't want her photo taken

During the 27 years that I was living/working overseas I never had a pet.   Once I moved back to the states, I decided that I would get a cat.   Little did I know that this event would happen sooner than I had expected.  

I was staying with my good college friend, in Durant, OK, while I was waiting for the closing on my house.   A stray cat lived in her yard and she had 2 wild grey kittens that had been born a few months prior to my arrival.   One was mostly grey and the other one was grey with more white along her face and she had a 'white blaze' along her back that actually looked like the letter J.

They were wild and there was no way of knowing the sex of these kittens.   So, we just referred to the kittens as 'grey, grey, and Blaze'  ... we are nothing if not original.  lol

The mostly grey one was SUPER WILD.   When you opened the back door, for any reason, she would RUN out of the yard and not return for over an hour.  Meanwhile, she was missing the food, that was being put outside for the 'yard feral cats'... because, it would be all gone when 'grey, grey' finally returned to the yard. 

Blaze, tended to run when the door was opened, but, she would return and hang around with her mama cat.   My friend and I were able to trap, 'grey, grey' in a live trap.   I tried, but she was not at all interested in becoming tamed.   We took her to a vet and got her spayed so that she would have a better life.

I kept working on taming Blaze, and while she would eat meat from my fingers- it was a month before she would let me touch her.

She is a sweet cat... a little shy.   And, most certainly does not like her photo taken.  Most of the time, she looks down, looks away or gets a weird look on her face.   I totally identify with the cat about the photo taking situation.  

"What, are you doing with that camera again?" 

This is the way that almost every photo of her looks.

They both had so much fun with the packing materials from my move.  I left a corner of the dining room full of packing paper for them for a few weeks.  Hours of fun was experienced by both cats there.  You can see 'Henry' hiding in the distance.

She is snuggling with her best buddy Henry.  Of course, Henry looks like he is 'begging' for mercy... or has just figured out the murder plot and fears for his life.   Actually, he heard the camera click and woke up.

They are not siblings but, we suspect that their mothers were siblings.
She's actually holding onto Henry's paw while she is sleeping.   Sweet.

She loves, LOVES to be outside.   She kills snakes too and has also killed 2 squirrels.

And, now for a couple of photos of 'the weird' looks that she often gets on her face when you try to take her photo.   Poor thing.   (lol)

"Why won't she stop taking my photo??"


snowlessknitter said...

They are both so precious! I totally get it with the not being photogenic thing either. My cats were camera shy and my dog is, too.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

SNOWLESSKNITTER... and the black tuxedo WILL POSE for photos!

I always have tons of his photos... and less of Blaze...