Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lunar eclipse in Italy

These photos were taken with my 35mm camera, while I was standing on my front porch, in the tiny town/village that I lived in Italy.

It lasted quite awhile and I think that you can at least 'see' that something is happening?  The shape of the moon does change and you can see a shadow along the sides.  

*You can click on the photos for a larger image too and that will help greatly..

With the upcoming Solar Eclipse event that will be happening on August 21 in America, it reminded me of the time that I saw a solar eclipse when I was living in Italy the first time that I lived there in 1997-2000.

 I was with a friend visiting/shopping in Venice, Italy for the day.  I had totally forgotten about the upcoming solar eclipse, but I noticed that crowds had started gathering in the open piazza areas.  Many people were simply wearing sunglasses or nothing at all...

 I quickly started making us each a 'pin' camera, using my knitting needles that I almost always have with me, so that we could watch the eclipse safely on a piece of paper... then, I noticed a water puddle on the ground.   So, I told my friend to turn away from the sun, and we watched the entire eclipse in a water puddle.   It was amazing to see it that way.

It did get twilight, the street lights came on, and the temperatures dropped.   It was also pretty cool to be able to watch a solar eclipse while in Venice, Italy too.


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