Monday, July 31, 2017

Gaeta Italy

The second time that I lived/taught in Italy was at Gaeta, Italy.  It was right on the ocean about halfway between Naples and Rome.  It was where a tiny USA Navy base was stationed.   The Navy used the Navy Ship in the harbor for most of their needs and the actual 'base' consisted of one small two story (or was it 3 story?) building up the hill/small mountain away from the Navy Ship.

On this 'base' was a bank, the post office, various military offices, and a small shoppette that was the 'commissary/military uniform sales/etc. everything' type of shop.  I bought my groceries at the Italian grocery stores and markets. 

 The school for the American children of the military was not on the little base- it was instead about 3-4 miles away in a small 2 story rented school building.  I taught 3rd grade when I was at Gaeta.

When, I first moved there, I stayed in a hotel in the new part of town.   Across the street from the hotel was a small fruit/veggie store.   They also sold the amazing Gaeta Olives.  Trust me, they are the best that I have ever tasted and are only grown in this area.  I really could take or leave olives until I moved to Italy and got to have the fresh olives to eat.   Now, I love olives.

This is the very HANDSOME Italian man who owned the fruit/veggie store.  He was very NICE too.

In the main shopping area
was one of my favorite Pizza places.   I loved it because
you could buy the pizza by the slice.   See the one in front with the
salad/lettuce on it?  That was a summer type of pizza.  I loved it and my
other favorite one was the
one that had small cherry tomatoes, basil, and olive oil drizzled on it.

The other pizza places sold the traditional round pizzas- but, this was perfect
for me-- just get a slice of pizza and walk and eat.   Of course, they might
not have your favorite pizza-- but, you could wait or just get another type
because, the pizza is very good in Italy.


The red star shows where Gaeta was located.   I would take the local city bus to the town
of Formia to catch the train to go to other locations.  Unfortunately, I was only
there for 10 1/2 months.   The school was tiny and got smaller and several teachers
including myself were excessed and sent to another location.
It was the most beautiful place that I have ever lived.   Or visited.  I would suggest Gaeta
as a place to visit- you can easily get there by train from Rome or Naples/etc.  However,
do yourself a favor and do NOT visit during JULY or AUGUST.   Expensive and
too many people plus probably not any hotels available anyway?
Gaeta had 2 intact castles and they were still being used by the city/government.
One is near the water in the sunshine- you can see the tower, and the oldest one is
in front of that one, away from the water, and is in the shadow.  
 Gaeta also had a huge swimming beach.  This is only about 1/3 of it.  In the
summer, the place was packed with Italians on their month long summer holiday.

 Here are the US Navy Ships.  

Another HANDSOME Italian man.  He was also very NICE
and he spoke excellent English because he was married to an American.

 He made my wrought iron baker's

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