Monday, February 15, 2016

Mama mia... Let the blogging continue!!!

I finally have a new computer!   I finally wrestled my blog from the 'google' change over that happened 'sometime' to BlogSpot.   .   I couldn't get in (with my password) and post for awhile and I finally found someone at google to help me get back in so I could use my blog again!  Yeah!
Some knitting... 
Fingerless mitts, out of sock yarn, for my good fried Lisa as part of her Christmas gift this year.  The yarn is some self striping fingering yarn that I bought at  The yarn striping matched until the end on one of the mittens... but, that part will be on the inside of the sleeve anyway.  

Some mittens that I'm knitting in some airport, somewhere... lol  (yes, they do tend to look the same don't they?)  However, I don't even remember these mittens... did I keep them or did I gift them to someone?   I will check- but, I do love the colors so I sure do hope that they are in my gloves, hat, mittens, scarf drawer.  
I do have a new 'knitting plan' because I noticed that almost all of my knitting is for others or for charity.   I have knitted myself ONE sweater in my 30 year knitting career.  I also took stock a few years ago and realized that I had almost NOTHING that I had knitted myself.   I decided that I was going to make a conscious effort to actually 'knit' for myself.  
I'll have to sort out my photos and start posting some of the items that I have managed to knit and more importantly:  keep for myself.   I have knitted myself at least 5-6 pairs of socks from the lovely Regia yarn that I purchased when I lived in Germany.  

And, as a touch of 'soon it will be here' spring... the sandals that I purchased in Germany last April when I visited some friends still living in the area where I used to live/work in Germany before I moved to northern Italy a couple of years ago.   I have the blue pair.   They just looked like something that "That Girl' would have worn to me.  Made out of such a buttery soft nice leather.

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