Saturday, February 20, 2016

I had no idea that this was in my tiny little Italian town

Another day of going down a road and discovering something that you didn't know was there.   This time, it was the road in the main part of the little town (and it's more of a village, not a full sized town) but, this time... I just kept going down the road that curves past the hardware store, and one of the two churches.  

After I rounded the curve... on the other side of the curve I found this huge building... totally unexpected.   The building was so huge that I had to take 2 photos.

Not sure, but it looks like some sort of an old monastery??   I could tell that someone was living in at least one of the doorways (flowers were on the windowsill).   I find this intriguing.   I continued past this and I was just in fields and vineyards.

I just love driving down roads to see what you can find.   Of course, sometimes you find a 'dead end'...


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