Sunday, May 11, 2014

I just realized something: If I say that I'll do something... buy something... show up... I do 'everything in my power to do so' otherwise... I let you know if I am delayed, etc.

HOWEVER, apparently... I am not 'of the masses' on this type of thinking.
I recently posted some items for sale.   A friend had told me about a 'face book' page for the local military/Americans wanting to sell things.   So, I actually signed up for facebook and proceeded to do this.   I can't believe how many times... someone 'sees' the item that I am posting for sale and says something like:  "I WANT THAT!"   and then we set up a meeting point... which has usually consisted of me 'meeting them on base' in a parking lot.  So, there I am... WAITING for the agreed upon hour.   NO SHOW from the buyer.   One person (yes, call me a fool if you wish-- but, they had just arrived and I know how busy that time can be) did this to me 2x.   Finally, I said... "OK, you have to come to my house to pick up the items."    Flash backward ... I post a couple of items-- even some things that I'm GIVING AWAY... (I have so much stuff- I have got to get serious about getting rid of it- and I couldn't do it last year w/ the knee injury/surgery.)  Several people said:  "I WANT THAT!"  (name the pretend item of your choice)... I'll be there to pick it up.   Others would come by (for the free stuff) and/or want the item/s that I'm saving for the others that said, "I WANT THAT!"...   THEN, when the people who said, "I WANT THAT!" do show up... (if they do show up) they decide that they don't want the item... that I could have SOLD TO THE OTHER PEOPLE who did want to buy it!   grrr   
  SO NOW I KNOW... the "I WaNT THAT!"  means:  Hold it for me and don't let anyone else buy it-- until I get there 'or' decide to come by to SEE IF I WANT TO BUY THE ITEM!   Got it.  Of, course since my mind doesn't think that way... I didn't realize it.  Instead my mind thinks:  "I WANT THAT!  I'm going to come and buy it/get it/pick it up."  Means... Just that.   Sigh... I just had to vent my frustrations.   Meanwhile, I still have the items that I was trying to sell... and most of the free stuff is gone.

 UPDATE:   One person came by... took the 'free potting soil'... but, also took 6 brand new flower pots w/saucers (with a price tag of only $3.00 on them) and my brand new never used... wet/dry hand vac.. like a dust buster 'but, with more features?'   Sigh... They took them- w/out paying for them.  I'm sure that they didn't realize it?  The 'free' items were apart from the 'for sale' items... free items did not have prices on them-- the 'for sale' things did.  THEY had a bright GOLD price tag taped to them.   A large gold price tag.   I had pointed out the 'free items' and the prices of certain items... (some of which she took)  SIGH... (They were brand new-- people... brand new...)

Right now, I'm trying to regain my trust in human nature.   I'll be OK in a couple of days.   I think so anyway.   But, in the meantime...   = : - ()



Ok, why were you divesting yourself of your worldly goods? And WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU NOW AND DOING WHAT?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I'm constantly trying to 'get rid of things' that I don't really need. it's the endless search for being organized.