Monday, March 26, 2012

Stranded knitted hats....

 I love the first hat.  It looks like something Mary Tyler Moore might have worn... or maybe Marlo Thomas from "That Girl" might have worn.  I knitted this for my friend Jane for Christmas.
 Sorry for the fuzzy photo.  This was knitted for a guy friend for Christmas.  This is the tweed Wool of Andes yarn from
 I knitted the above one (yes, that is the same yarn colors that was in the first hat) for my friend Pam for Christmas.
This was for my good friend Lisa... who loves bright colors!  

The colorful yarns were all the Chroma yarn from knitpicks.   The last hat isn't knitted with black yarn- instead it's actually a deep plum. 

I also knitted myself a stranded hat for Christmas.   I'll have to see if I can find a photo of it to publish.

My blogger is still acting strange for photo downloading- it took about 45 minutes-- to download the above photos.

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