Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another rainy day... but, at least NO SNOW is on the ground!

I tried again to post a photo- but, I don't know what on earth is wrong... but, the blogger was 'downloading' the photo for an hour and nothing happened. I'll keep trying- because after all... the photos are half of the story right?

I'm doing household cleaning jobs today because a lot of things have gone by the wayside while I've been sick for the last couple of months. I have a load in the washing machine (which takes a long, long, long time in the German washers) and my hope is to be able to do two loads of laundry- darks and whites.

I did stop and take a 20 minute knitting break in the middle of my cleaning chores.
I have to do 'entertainment breaks' whenever I need to do more than just a quick 30 minute cleaning/sorting/putting away. Ok, it's probably almost like bribery to make myself continue with the dreading cleaning chores. ;D

I usually use a timer and set it for 15-60 minutes to keep myself on task.

What do you do to 'reward yourself' or to keep yourself doing the 'not so much fun' household jobs?

I hear the washing machine 'beeping' so, it's time to go down to the cold basement and put that load in the dryer (also takes forever to complete the drying cycle) and my second load of wash in the washing machine. By the way, the dryers here 'remove' the water from the wet clothing and after every one or two loads of drying clothing- you have to remove the 'plastic' water holding device and dump the water out.

See how exciting someone's life is living in a foreign country?? No matter where you live; almost nothing changes but the outside scenery.

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