Tuesday, March 6, 2012

anybody miss me?

I'm not even going to try to post a photo-- since, that is one of the reasons that I haven't been posting- super slow Internet in the German boonies. THAT won't let me post photos- it will be downloading them for an hour and still not download/post photos. grrr

So, this is just a 'test, test, test, 1, 2, 3' (pretend that I'm hitting the microphone like you see all those people do before a performance starts up).

What's been going on?

1. I'm still in the same boonies part of Germany.

2. I have more yarn than I did the last time that I posted.

3. I have knitted several more projects.

4. My Jeep that I had to buy when I moved here is almost paid off (just a few more months).

5. I've been to Scotland. *LOVED that place!!

6. I've had pneumonia every winter that I've lived here.

7. I had unexpected surgery last summer.

8. I'm ready (past ready) to leave Germany. I enjoyed my time here- but, I've lived here for almost 4 years-- and the longest that I've lived in one place since started working overseas 22 years ago has been 3 years- so, this is a record for me.

9. I'm tired of the long, dismal, grey, cold, snowy winters here.

10. I have more Polish Pottery since I last wrote too. :D
(Hey, can you blame me? That stuff is cheap if you buy it IN Poland!)

Please leave a comment and I'll be encouraged to write more thoughts, tell more stories, share photos (I hope anyway)/etc.

I apologize, but... I've been sick a lot since I moved here. I had pneumonia last year for 6 months (Dec-June), had surgery last summer (July 1) and got sick this year in early January until now. Pneumonia. See, I need to leave Germany for my health! :D

So, what have you guys/guyettes been doing since I last blogged?


Renna said...

Yes, I've missed you, and wondered how you're doing over there in the arctic like conditions. I'm so sorry to hear it's had such an adverse effect on you. :-(

I rarely blog anymore, but I do pop in from time to time to see what the old blogs are up to, and to write an occasional post. Will you be putting in for a transfer someplace warmer anytime soon, you think?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yes, I just recently applied for a transfer as I have the past 2 years. It's really difficult now to move to new locations-- due to the military drawdowns-- the budget affects everything 'including' a few teachers moving to new locations.

I hear you about not blogging as much- I also think that there was just more to write about when I was in Korea? Well, maybe I should clarify-- there was a LOT OF DIFFERENt and FUNNY things to blog about.

Thanks for leaving me a comment! Yeah!!

Cheryl in AZ said...

Funny thing, I am still hoping we get a transfer to Germany at some point, but not "counting" on it anymore. Been keeping so busy, but definitely not blogging. Been busy living the farm life in Phoenix with 2 sheep, 1 horse, 4 chickens (oh yeah - I added 4 more the other day) so 7 chickens and 1 very noisy rooster. Knitting some, spinning, and dyeing with plants from the desert. Glad you found some internet service (even if very slow).

iwouldratherbeknitting said...


I'm not a winter person... and the previous 3 winters did me in... snow, snow, snow, snow and we still go to work! :D

This year, less snow... but, we had the freezing cold weather for a few weeks! -7*F is cold! It hurt to breathe.. you nose hairs freeze when you take a breath!

This morning, apparently the 'moisture' in the air froze during the night- it was icy... black ice type. All I know is... you know that the roads might be icy/slippery when you back out of your driveway and your JEEP gives you the 'slippery road' icon (on the dash)... not a good start to the morning drive, right? :D

I really did like it here- but, I am so done w/ the 6-7 month long winters. I mean coat wearing it snows 6-7 month long winters!!! AND, the snow shoveling- don't get me started! It's a German law that you have to shovel that stuff off your sidewalk. *Of course, the driveway has to be shoveled too.

I hope you do get over here - the Christmas markets are worth living here.