Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If this is Tuesday, snow must be falling 'again' in Germany

I now think that the word: SOUTHERN is an oxymoron...

After all, I'm in SOUTHERN GERMANY and there is nothing warm and southern about this place. It did snow and snow some more the weekend that I was refering to in my last posting. It proceeded to snow again everyday for the next few days. It snowed some last night and right now there is a snow/rain mix out there.

It is only December 2 and I'm tired of it already.

On the good news-- I went by train to my first Christmas Market in Germany last Friday. After all, I was just keeping that American tradition alive... SHOPPING the day after THANKSGIVING!

I did buy a few ornaments including a couple for myself. I went back to the yarn shop and looked around. I had taken a skein of yarn with me- so, that I could get another one to go with my friend's Christmas gift (I had knitted her a hat and fingerless mittens and had planned to send the extra yarn so that she could knit her own scarf to match.) WELL, I looked and looked last night for this yarn so that I could package up her gift...

and... that extra skein was nowhere to be found. Guess what I finally figured what had happened to the missing skein? My non-knitting friend was helping me look for that particular brand/color/etc... and one of us accidently kept it in the pile of yarn, that was stored on the table, that I was purchasing instead of putting it back in my BAG that I had brought with me into the store... so, yes... I bought the same skein of yarn twice (the first time on Veteran's Day) so... I ended up still ONE SKEIN SHORT and with one skein that cost double the cost.


Renna said...

Arg! What a travesty (the yarn fiasco)!

I sure wish you could post pictures of your snow. Drat that internet connection, or rather, lack of it!

I guess you can at least take heart in the fact that you live where you can actually wear the things you knit. Not much is needed for warmth here in my part of Texas, though I do wear a hat and scarf on occasion.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Tell me about it. I hate to wear hats... I'm one of those who look 'dorky' in hats.. it's not my imagination... 'strangers' stare and dare I say it? SNICKER when they see me in a hat.

However, I have decided that I need to knit another hat... (I knitted one to wear last year.)