Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow and more snow is on its way

Actually, make that 4 days in a row of snow that has been predicted. So far, they have been right everytime that they have said it was going to snow. I now have new SNOW TIRES on my vehicle... and I never thought that I'd utter that statement- or have the need to purchase SNOW TIRES!

We still have snow on the ground the last time that it snowed. Last Friday, we had about 5-6 inches of snow during the night and the ROADS HAD NOT BEEN PAVED!!! Yikes! I was a slipping and a sliding all over the road... even with front wheel drive! The snow was packed and slick! It had snowed that fine mist type of snow and you know what that means? SLICK SNOW

I was so scared... and here I was the FIRST TIME that I had ever driven on snow and it was on snow packed roads for 14 miles!

On other weather news... about 10 days ago- I checked the weather report for that weekend's weather predictions to see if we'd have good weather for a proposed drive to see a German Christmas Market... and I had to laugh out loud when I saw the following day's weather prediction:


It honestly said those words-- all other days had regular weather words: rain mixed with snow, cloudy, fog, windy/etc...

I could also argue that many days have already been dull and dreary... in the land of sunsets happening at 4:12pm... and total darkness by 4:30pm.

I'm hoping for no snow for this Saturday-- I want to go on the train to a Christmas Market and to see the city of Nuremberg all decked out for the holidays... and also to celebrate the first day of two weeks of FREEDOM... or school vacation!!


Renna said...

I hope you get your trip to Nuremberg, as that sounds like such fun. I wish there were a way you could post pictures of it for us.

I guess your weatherman got tired of giving the same ol' weather prediction! ;-Þ

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Either that... or they've been to this part of the world? :D lol

Lesley said...

I wish we had some of your snow. I've been reading lots of books to Landon that have snow in them. Now he needs to see the real stuff.