Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weather Report and news at 11

Here's another photo-less blog entry... but, my almost 14 mile drive to work started out remarkable this morning: The roads were dry, no rain and there wasn't any FOG either! Boy, oh boy...

This afternoon? COLD AND DAMP... Actually, it's pretty nasty out there... But, at least I finally decided to start wearing a 'real winter coat' on Tuesday. Ok, it was the 5 minutes of sleet that we had on Monday morning while I was in line... getting my ID checked so I could come on base (to work) that might have had a little something to do with my decision that a cotton windbreaker wasn't going to work anymore as my outerwear??

oh, yeah.. snow is predicted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I think I'll make some soup this weekend and watch old movies and knit... on some of my Christmas gifts... which by the way... are now going to be far less knitted items that I had thought that I could manage... kind of like when you were a kid and you'd put too much yummy food on your plate and one or more adults would always say to you:

Your eyes are bigger than your plate. *Or maybe that was just in the south?


Renna said...

Being a southerner, I can identify with that "eyes bigger than your plate" thing, both with my food, and with my knitting! ;-)

Sounds like winter's arrived for you. Your weekend plans sound lovely, my favorite kind, in fact. :-)


god do i remember the fog we had when i was in germany...i've not see anything like it since we left and i did finally understand term like: thick as pea soup and you could cut it with a knife! be careful out there!