Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello from Grafenwohr, Germany!!

I made it here a few days ago--- it is so scenic here. I was taking photos from the plane as we were getting close... see? *CLICK on photos for a larger view There seems to be a little or big town about every 5 miles.

I went to the housing office on base and was shown 3 houses the next day that were available for rent. I loved the yard of the first house and it's views of the rolling Germany countryside and wheat fields below:

Front of house and also a view of the 'orange tile'... now, if orange was a person's favorite color... this would be the kitchen for them- however, I'd like colors like blue, green, yellows better in a kitchen.

AND then... when you got to the 'winter garden' (enclosed glass patio) you had this view of a very old church on top of a rock cliff...

However, there just wasn't enough floor space in the living areas... and I knew that there was no way that my furniture would fit.

So, I went to see another house after that and I loved the inside of the house- but, it didn't have a yard-- but, it did have a balcony and another outside living area off of the living room. HOWEVER, the walls were slanted and that would have been a problem with furniture placement. YOU can see the slanted walls in this photo of the front of the house. The top two floors went to the apartment that was for rent- the first floor is a business.

Every wall was like this... I could foresee alot of head 'hitting' by accident in my future and most of my furniture is taller than the height that the walls started slanting--- so, the only thing that I could picture doing would be to pull the furniture towards the center of the room away from the walls until it fitted--- and that would end up w/ very tiny available living spaces.

Both landlords of these two houses were adorable and I know that they'd be great landlords. Neither one had a fireplace to help w/ the heating costs. Both did have wooden floors. The first house even had it's own SAUNA built into the basement area.

After lunch, I went to see the third choice. It was love at first sight. All the features that I had wanted: Enough room for my STUFF, wooden floors (in the living and kitchen areas... maybe somewhere else?) tile in the bathrooms, and carpet in the bedrooms (I would have been fine w/ wooden floors or tile there too), a fireplace (well, more of a compact ceramic firebox... w/ an opening for the hallway, kitchen eating area, and the living room), outside patio areas (2), beautiful yard, a finished basement... (it's like an apartment down there!) and lots of light... and plenty of space. I also have a garage... (good in winter areas)

The landlord lives next door- it is was a model home and no one has lived in it! I do have to mow the grass-- but, I haven't had grass to mow in many years-- so, I think that I can handle it. The landlord does have a lawn mower that I can borrow- so, that will help 'cost wise'... I can't move in to it until SEPT 1... later, I'll send more photos- but, here are some that I took when I saw the apartment.

I was happy that the kitchen was a finished kitchen w/ cabinets--- that isn't always the case when you rent a place in Europe. They don't have closets built in either.

I've been without the INTERNET for days... but, now... I'll be able to post photos and blog entries more often.


Renna said...

How lovely your new home will be!

My daughter moved back from Germany last year, after spending a few years living over there. I recall her telling me how their were towns or villages every few miles. What got especially frustrating at times were when two villages would have the same name! It was quite an adventure for her, and she loved it there!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

So great to hear from you!! I LOVE the place you'll be renting, It looks beautiful there!!

Dale said...

What a pretty area. I love your new place.

Miss Hannah said...

My gosh that place is gorgeous!

Rebecca Jo said...

The house you decided on - its just beautiful! All your pictures of German look so beautiful! Hope you are adjusting well to the new environment!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. I refer to the house w/ the orange tiled kitchen (and awesome views) as: the Grandma house... (one of the members of the landlord couple had had a recent death of one of a mother and that house is where she had lived) It just wasn't big enough for my furniture in the living areas... or, I would have taken it.

The house that I took-- is actually 3 stories- you just can't see this from the front. I loved the yard in the back.

Once I get the keys... I'll take better photos and will post them here.

I'm already ready to leave the 'life of living in a hotel' .. but, I have another month here- before I can move into the house.


lovely house...i can't wait for more pictures of it! ya gotta show it off like we were your first guest...which we are! the outside is great!

i live traveling with you! you are such a great guide!

do they still have the "honeysuckle" wagons!

i fell in love with gummybear not like the ones here...they had real taste to them...o, and the cones of fresh cherries!

i think i may be jealous...

Anonymous said...

We are currently stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington State but just rec'd orders for Grafenwohr. I have never moved overseas before and am looking for ANY advice. I hear rumors there is a housing shortage on post - also hearing not to bring my furniture as most places rent furnished?? I'm so confused - can you help?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Dear anonymous,

Send me a direct email to: and I can answer your questions better and make sure you get my answers too.

Housing was in short demand this summer- but, most people move in during the summer. There is sometimes a commute of about 15 miles or less. There are also a lot of 'military family housing' places OFF BASE.. (but, it's like you're on base.. you pay no rent or utilities).. *I can't live in them- since, I'm a civilian.

I am in a large place- I only saw one house w/ furniture in it- but, they told me that they would move anything out that I wanted. I brought 11 crates.. if that gives you an idea of how big my house is. Most people that I know- have moved into 'large enough' houses... it also depends on your rank as to how much housing allowance you are allowed.

It is easy to get around in Grafenwohr and the area. It's not a big city at all. I think that the base is "SMALL TO MEDIUM" .. but, then again.. I've been on large Air Force bases and also just came from Yongsan in Seoul, South Korea.

When do you arrive here? Send me an email...