Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May I take your order please?

Yes, may I have some E COLI free lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers... and...

OK, could you just give me a disease free salad??

Yes, world... I love salads and it is quite sad not being able to buy/eat/enjoy veggies.


JelliDonut said...

Yikes! Has this affected all veggies now? I hope they solve this soon. Very scary!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

The grocery store shelves are bare of quite a few of the veggies that have been in the news.

They have great veggies in Germany too! Fresher than what we get in the Commissary on base and of course a lot of the veggies in the commassary are from the local produce growers too. So on base? No lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers...

The cucumbers that I used to buy from the Germany grocery store were from Spain and boy were they crunchy and good! Actually, I bought quite a selection of my veggies in the off-base German grocery stores.

No salads are being sold on base. I haven't been out to eat off-base this week to know what they are doing- but, I'm going out on Friday night.

Salads are very good in the German restaurants too. I sure do miss them.

Becca said...

We still have lettuce in Italy, at least. Not on base, since we get our veggies from Germany too, but off post. What I really miss is getting lettuce on my Subway sandwich. I don't eat any of the other AAFES food, like Burger King or Popeyes.

On the other hand, I suppose a turkey sub isn't worth E Coli.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Which base? I used to live at Aviano and Gaeta, Italy. I loved, LOVED Italy!

The other day, I ordered a chicken caesar salad sandwich... and the girl behind the counter said: "That will only come w/ chicken, bread, and some dressing."

I did change my mind. :D