Sunday, June 12, 2011

How many times have you moved?

I'm still looking for my 'missing paperwork' from a previous blog entry. Time is running out. I am now looking in 'weird, no way in the world would I have put the missing paperwork in this location' location... because, truthfully... there are NO OTHER OPTIONS LEFT!

I have to find the missing paperwork, complete the forms, and turn it in by June 17th.

While sorting through 'old' paperwork... I have found odds and ends of paperwork (lots) from previous moves. When you work for the US Government... there is just a lot of paperwork that goes with the job- including paperwork to authorize shipping household goods/etc.

Of course, finding this paperwork... reminded me of previous places, people I hadn't thought about in years, and of course a large assortment of names and phone numbers of people that I don't even remember who they were much less remember meeting them.

I'm more of a visual person and I'm sure if they were to knock on my door- that I'd recall how and why I knew these 'mystery names' though.

So, while thinking about some of my previous locations... and moves... which is why I need this missing paperwork in the first place... I thought about seeing how often others have moved.

Myself personally? I like change and the longest that I have lived anywhere in the past 21 years has been for 3 years at one time.

I have been here for 3 years and I did apply for a transfer this spring- but, I didn't get one. There was only the slimmest hope that I would get one and I was aware of the limited likelyhood of getting a transfer to a new location...

I want to leave because the winters here are 7 months long, dark, damp, cold, and we always have snow on the ground. The snow might 'melt off' one or two times per winter- but, that's not much when you consider how long the winters are. I'm not a winter person in the first place- but, the long, damp, cold winters cause me to get pneumonia for 3-5 months every winter. I go to work sick on most of those days too-because I only have a few sick days left.

So, I was curious about how many times you have moved.


Cheryl in AZ said...

My moves seem to go in spurts - NEVER moved the whole time I was growing up then after grad in 84 the longest I ever stayed anywhere was 18months until 2000 then got married got a house and stayed 10.5yrs then moved and will probably have at least 3 more moves with in the next 10yrs (one being to Germany).
I like change :)

JelliDonut said...

I hope you find that paperwork. So crazy how things just disappear, isn't it?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...


I can NOT find this paperwork.. it's only about 3 or 4 sheets of paper- but 2 of them are pink carbon like papers... not easy to miss.

I've looked in every room in the house... in all 'maybe places, re-looked again and again in likely places, and have spent most of Sunday looking in weird places' that this stuff might have accidently been placed. I figured that since it is LOST and got moved from where it had BEEN... darn it... that I must have had it in my hand and then moved it to a new location while doing something with something else.

I even looked in the car. Nothing there, but I did bag up my recycle plastic bottles to take to the German grocery store.

SIGH... And, the bad thing is- I'm sort of making a mess 'while' looking (that is what running out of time and looking everywhere that you can think of will do)...

The paperwork is worth about $1500.00 if I can find it- and I can't get duplicates... sigh, sigh, sigh...