Sunday, January 31, 2010

No more snow!!! NO MORE SNOW!!

Enough.. is enough.. It has snowed constantly for 3 days/nights. I'm pretty sure that if I could walk in my back yard.. that it would be about 20 inches or maybe even more?

I just know that I have an upstairs window that opens onto the sharply slanted roof.. and I did take my 12 inch long plastic ruler and stick it in the snow.. let's just say.. that not only did the blue plastic ruler disappear but.. my fingers also disappeared and the ruler still hadn't touched the terra cotta roof!

Can you find the hidden stairs? There are 12 of them leading to the below ground level patio area... under all of that snow.
The snow isn't as heavy at the bottom of the photo- because that area is protected by a roof overhang.. however, the snow at the balcony railing? That is how deep it really is.. and you'll notice that the snow is almost to the bottom of the patio chairs.

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Petra said...

Oh my!! I can't believe this is Germany!! I am in the Moselle valley and it's still bad here (and totally unusual), but this is... wow.