Sunday, August 16, 2009

TIP # 351: Never send an email w/out being fully awake

Just check out: for August 16 *I think that they change their secrets weekly.

I looked at the site this morning... (someone had told me about the site) and while some 'secrets' are to put it one way.. a little more blunt.... after all they are actual secrets that others have mailed in anonymously, right? And, some secrets are secrets for a reason. I also found some were funny, endearing, and even sad.

Anyway... I found one about a school teacher. So, since it is the start of school for all my teacher friends - I went through my address book and did a copy/paste of the photo and sent it to every teacher that I know... some now retired, etc.

WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW WAS several of the secrets were also copied not just the funny teacher secret that I wanted to send to my friends. You can see where this is going, right?

AND.. yes, after I sent the email.. I went through the 'sent file' and that is when I discovered that not only was the secret that I wanted to send.. sent but, several secrets prior to that innocent, funny, put you in a good mood for the beginning of the new year... teacher secret were also sent.

The title of the email? Ok, who sent their secret to

Curious? Think, oh.. it couldn't be that bad.. could it... well, here you go.. this is the first secret that was posted...

Cute? Not bad..

Here's the only postsecret that I meant to send in my email:

Now, you see why I was inspired to do an immediate 'copy/paste' and email that image to my friends, co-workers, and even former teachers and principals?

Ok, now... just go on to or even just

and check out the images that were between these two images, posted here, that I accidently sent in my email.. but, you have to do it before the upcoming weekend.

And, I assure you .. YOU WILL LAUGH AT ME ... yes, at me and I won't blame you one bit. Sigh...

At least this is the first time that I've sent something in an email that I didn't mean to send.. it was bound to happen at some point, right? RIGHT?

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