Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh happy day.. No longer will it look like the Clampet's came for a visit on wash day..

The German appliances are loaned to us from the military... My dryer never has worked well. The longest cycle is 1 hour and 57 minutes and my clothes would still be wet damp. I could run them through the cycle 2x.. yes, that's 3 hours and 54 minutes and my clothing would still be SO WET that they had to be put on a drying rack to dry for 4-6 hours (summer) to a day or so (winter).

I had reported the problem two times. I had someone come and check the dryer two times. They (The GERMAN man who was the manager of the appliances) basically told me that 'that's just the way it is'... that the German washing machines didn't spin the clothing as fast/hard as the American washing machines did.. so, the clothing was just 'wetter' when it went into the dryer anyway. *I told him that that might be true.. but, clothing should be dry after 3 hours and 54 minutes in the dryer!! =:O

I reminded them that I always clean the lint trap and dump the water container out after each load. I'd been doing what I could to help the dryer do the job. *The dryers work on a different principle than stateside dryers do... you have a container that collects the water removed from the clothing in the dryer. You pull this 'container' out and dump the water out.

They told me that they just didn't have any more dryers available at this time.

Last week, I came home to find a note from the appliance people to call them to make arrangements for a dryer delivery. I called and it was delivered yesterday. IT IS BRAND NEW!

Yes, as soon as the delivery guys left.. I went upstairs to get some dirty clothing from the clothes hamper, washed them, and put them in the new dryer as soon as the long washing cycle was completed.

Doing the.. "I can dry my clothing and don't have to dry my shirts and pillowcases draped over the back of my patio chairs when I run out of room on the drying rack" HAPPY DANCE!!

Color: White I don't think that there is another choice- but, that's OK!

On the other hand, I really did enjoy the nice outdoor fresh smell on my sheets.. humm


Patti from Maine said...

Oh the memories your post brought forth. The first time we had our german washer/dryer delivered we put a load in the washer and just watched it go a little to the left - a little to the right - back to the left. This was long before front load washers were so popular in the US do this type of machine was new to us. Glad you finally got a dryer that worked!


iwouldratherbeknitting said...


AND, I never, ever use that long, long, (but, the normal wash cycle) to wash my clothes.. I just don't think that my clothes have ever gotten so dirty that I need to wash them for over an hour and half?

Cheryl in VA said...

Being a diehard front loader gal, and having had a friend who I did laundry at her place in Germany, the comment about German washers don't spin as much water out as US washers is "whoooey". I too don't use the long 'normal' cycle. I use the one for delicates often which is about 40min. or perm press which is about 56min.
good luck with the new dryer. :)

JellyDonut said...

You get washers and dryers from the military now!?!?!? I would have been in heaven! It's been forever since my days in Deutchland and your blog brings back so many memories. Thanks!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Well, you do get washers/dryers/ and refrigerators from the military.. 'if' you are a US GOVERNMENT employee working for the US Military in a foreign land on a US Military base. :D

It is nice that they loan the appliances to you.. so, you don't have to buy something for each new country to move to.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

We exclusively use a clothes drying rack at my home for both the money and the energy savings. I think it is interesting that so many people blame the dryer when things do not dry "fast" enough when often it is a washer problem of it not spinning out the water well enough.
We have a very High RPM spin cycle on our washer. During the winter everything including heavy jeans dry over night on our drying rack sitting under the ceiling fan in the living room....