Sunday, May 31, 2009

Speaking of birthdays and monkeys....

I have a couple of teacher friends who have birthdays in June and July. This is after we are out of school and most teachers overseas have flown back to the states and since two of us moved to a new country last fall.. that means that 3 of us are now in 3 different countries. So, to me that meant.. I needed to get on the ball and get their gifts sent to them quickly.

Last year for Memorial Day weekend and the Monday holiday that we were already out of school and an additional 3 days of 'any purpose' leave days.. that we all signed up for early enough to insure that we'd be able to take these 3 days off from work.. we went to Bali for a week.

I had always wanted to go to Bali.. for what seems like forever. I know it stems from watching SOUTH PACIFIC when I was a child... and I just knew that if I didn't go this time... before I left the Pacific region and Asia in general.. that I'd never have the chance to go. So, off I went with 2 other friends... (the friends who just happen to be celebrating the June and July birthdays that I mentioned)

I never did blog about this trip last year.. because I moved from my apartment and into a hotel right after we returned from Bali and of course the trip also happened during the last 3 weeks of school. That is a very busy time in general.. without throwing in a vacation and getting ready for the movers to come to your apartment to take away your worldly possessions. Much less setting aside your best 'guesstimate' as to what 150 pounds is for the 'express shipment' that the military will fly to your new destination so that it arrives in one month instead of the 3 or 4 months that it takes for your household goods to arrive by boat. And, let's not forget 'deciding what you need for the next 3 months and what will fit' in the suitcases to take with you for your summer vacation (usually in the states) and to tide you over in your new location.

As you can imagine, quite often one over-estimates what they have, need, or will fit in a suitcase.. especially with the weight limits of today. Did you know that for international flights you used to be allowed to check 2 bags weighing up to 70 pounds each? When I made international moves was the only time that I did this.. but, it was great for when you were moving. Of course, those days are long gone. Just like cartoons being shown instead of commercials at the start of movies in theaters.

All of this packing, deciding, and add in shipping a car, and all the grading and report cards, meetings, etc.. that one has to do to close out a school year.. and the end result is that you just have no time to blog about travel adventures.. much less think that you have any time to go away on a vacation anyway.

Part of our Bali adventure, included going to the Monkey Jungle. We saw adorable, sweet, little monkeys. I even saw a group of tiny baby monkeys being 'babysat' by a few adult female monkeys.

So, in honor of their birthday, the monkey jungle of Bali just one year ago.. and let's face it.. the caffeine in the form of coffee, or soft drinks that most teachers tend to rely on to make it through each day.. much less the last few weeks of school... I decided to knit them a gift that would fit all categories. Their gifts have been mailed and received and now I can post the photos on my blog.

May I present: THE MONKEY 'soft drink can' or water bottle keep-cold cozy.. which can also double as a 'keep warm' coffee cup holder cozy.
The one with a purple hat just makes me smile.. it looks like the monkey finds the soft drink 'just a little too cold' for his/her liking! She/he seems to have a very startled look.

I loved the ones that I knitted for my friends so much that I also knitted myself one.

I will admit that this is a pretty rare feat that I have accomplished.. making something like this for myself.. because, I usually have good intentions to make myself 'something' after making a handcrafted ______________ for friends... and I just never find them time to make the items for myself.

Or let me put it this way, there are many hand crafted ornaments 'that are not decorating' my tree.



what???? are we moving again? where? when?? will you be able to stay for longer than a year? and this just after getting your yard and garden set up. blog soon with an update of what you will do for summer and where you will be in the fall.

your virtual travel mate...sandy

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

No, I'm not moving.. I was talking about why I didn't post last year's trip to Bali in my blog... We went there a year ago. :D

Not moving this time.. however, I did move one time 10 months after my arrival... it was not fun. :D

Renna said...

The cozy's are adorable! What a creative idea for a knit gift for your friends. :-)

You sure do get around! ;-)

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iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Oh my... a hotel has an email account?

This world just gets crazier and crazier. :D lol

Lisa said...

I LOVE my monkey! Now I need to learn how to make them! Bali was an AWESOME trip......