Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nothing much going on...

Nothing to write about. It's the same old same old going on. Go to work, drive through the 'farmer's field' to avoid driving who knows how far away to avoid the 'road construction detour'.. (let me say that I am so happy to have found the famer's road that turns and diverts through a field and eventually gets me to the area of the first part of the detour.. which I can then.. cross over the 'detoured highway road'.. and back onto a much shorter detour to help me avoid the road construction detours.)

I am happy to report that we can now once again 'so far' for the past 2 days... drive on my regular highway again! I sure hope that they don't decide to another another stretch of my road on the road construction detour path) this week ...

I'm not sure why they decided that they needed to totally remove all the layers of blacktop off of 2 sections of my road. One looked like it was about a half a mile long and the other one was less so... no pot- holes, nothing uneven on the road, ? So, I'm not sure why they spent all that money and time.. stripping down the blacktop to the bottom layer of the road and repaced it with all new blacktop surfacing? They are still in the 'paint the stripes on the road' again stage.

I just hope that they don't do it again.. I only know 3 ways to get to work.. and if they divert me from the road that takes me to any of those three ways.. I won't know how to get to work or home in the future. So, let's hope the 'road repair' is done and over.

ANYWAY, in honor of the almost completed repair.. but, it is completed enough that I get to drive on the road that takes me home.. here's a photo that I took out the window of the van that picked me up from the airport on the first day in Germany last summer.


Renna said...

As no signs with foreign language appear in the photo, it looks like it could have easily been taken over here (USA, I mean).

Hearing of your plight sort of makes my recent griping for having to go a half mile out of the way to get to our favorite ice-cream place (Braum's) due to road construction, a bit petty. ;-)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Hey there I always appreciate when you comment on my blog, I love that :) I always try to do the same for you if I have something to say :) I hate hate hate road construction, it makes me a nervous wreck!! esp. when it's going on, on a highway. So you asked on your comment how I got the cute graphics on my blog... I use this website... I think she even gives you intructions on how to get them on your blog :) Hope this helps.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yeah.. it's my loyal 2 posters.. :D

ANYWAY.. the 'detours' have been going on for 2 weeks.. and it started unexpectedly one day that I tried to come home and ended up driving around the mountain and way, way past where I lived.. it ended up being 45 minutes beyond the 5 more minutes left that it should have taken me.. I was far, far, far from home.. but, following the DETOUR SIGNS.. Sigh..

AND thanks for the blog decoration page/info.. I'll try to work on it this weekend. :D