Monday, March 30, 2009

The view out my window

Or more accurately the view from the second floor where my computer lives and in the room that someone day will be called the: "ENTERTAINMENT ROOM" sounds so much more than 'The Office/computer room' right?

Eventually, I'll have a love seat sized couch in this room (when my storage shipment arrives)....

an entertainment center (see.. I didn't just come up with that word out of thin air) that I bought in Italy many years ago- it will hold my TV, DVDs, board games, (again- notice the trend of 'entertainment'?) etc.

I also hope to put a basket with the 'unfinished' or currently working on knitting projects in it. OK, if I'm truthful, my plan is also that this room 'won't be where the company goes'... not if they are smart they won't... and as a result.. I'm not going to worry about the mess that I've made.. digging through the shelves to find a particular movie, book, or the knitting mess that I had made while looking through yarns and knitting patterns to start a new project.

I hope, that it's going to be a room that I can SHUT THE DOOR on... and enjoy the living room not being messed up in 5 minutes.. and since, I have no one to blame but myself.. (and also no one to clean up after me-- see, there is a downside) it will be nice to have a 'ready to greet visitors' living room downstairs.

I am always amazed at the mess that I can make.. in just a few minutes that ends up taking much, much longer to put it away. I have always worked on craft, art, knitting, wrapping presents, getting boxes ready to mail/etc. in the living room.. because that has been the only place to work on these projects.. well, admittedly a place that had floor space, a comfortable place to sit, and entertainment at the same time. A TV and stereo do have their own entertainment merits after all as background noise and since I tend to be a multi-tasker... I sometimes enjoy the background entertainment.

I won't mention that I live in the boonies and very few people 'just drop by' without calling-- since, they don't want to drive all the way here- to find me not at home. But, then again.. did I mention that my landlord lives next door and does sometimes pop over?

You know... if I could buy one of those little refrigerators, haul the microwave upstairs... I wouldn't need to go downstairs at all... except to go out the door to work... hummm

Isn't that a nice view though? It's a tower on top of a what I've been told by different people is a dormant volcano. Let's hope it stays dormant. I've already experienced one, 600 year old dormant volcano, that became an 'erupting volcano' thank you very much.

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Renna said...

Are you still waiting on your storage shipment since you moved over there? How long does that normally take?

I'm a creative messy type. I need a room which I can close off when company comes, too. I try to keep the chaos in order, but it grows when I'm not looking. ;-)

The pictures are lovely. I especially like that last one.