Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I realize that I don't have any tv channel reception in my new house

(another story as to why) and I've not seen a current news show in MONTHS.. but, I have been able to check the news on the INTERNET off and on... but, I don't seem to remember anyone announcing

THAT WE HAVE ALREADY experienced the melting of the ice caps, then the resulting major worldwide flooding, and apparently NOW WE HAVE entered the RESULTING DEEP FREEZE ICE AGE ERA????

I only ask because... today's date is: MARCH 24/25 (depending on your timezone), right? A few days past the official calendar starting day of: SPRING

and as I was driving home it started snowing... and in 5 minutes the ground was almost covered... and in 50 minutes? I just checked and there are 3 inches of snow out there! MY backyard is completely covered in snow! (It's been so long since I've been able to post photos that I'm not sure where my camera cable is right now?)

ANYWAY.. I should have known that the day might end this way.. because:

Light dusting of snow on my car when I first woke up (no problem)

WHEN I LEFT FOR WORK (about 45 minutes later)
It was snowing so heavy- that I had to wipe down the windows 2 times before I
could pull out of the driveway.

I went out and did my DAILY (grr) 20 minute lunch recess duty- light snow
off and on and then some 'more snow' started falling

THEY (the powers that be) canceled the rest of lunch recess for the other
grades (after my duty time was over.. OF COURSE)

Within 5 minutes.. of canceling recess... it had stopped snowing and the SUN
CAME OUT ... very bright SUN... for the rest of the hour left on the lunch
recess time slot.

IT STAYED SUNNY UNTIL about 2:20 pm..

2:20 pm
... It suddenly started snowing.. so hard that the ground was covered in 5
minutes... even the big blacktop area (out my classroom window) was completely
covered in 10 minutes

2:30 pm..

THE SUN CAME OUT and evaporated the snow

2:40pm it started HAILING!

2:50 pm..



5:50 pm... started driving home... and it started SNOWING LIKE A SNOW BLIZZARD again!
I could barely see the road!

one hour later... 3 inches of snow and no sign of it stopping..

After living in BAVARIA, GERMANY for one winter season... I now have:

A SNOW SHOVEL (blue, of course)
4 SNOW TIRES (glad that they are still on the car)
A NEW FRONT WHEEL DRIVE JEEP (glad I bought it too- my little Karmann Ghia VW w
would be having staying on the road issues by now)

anyway... if the prediction of an impending ICE AGE is upon us.. please do post a comment and let me know.

At least I do have enough wool yarn that I can knit some new wool sweaters- I knew it was a good idea to buy all that yarn that I didn't currently need.

AND.. thank you faithful blog readers who did not give up on me... and are as happy as I am to have INTERNET CONNECTION again!!

I PROMISE PHOTOS will be coming soon.


Renna said...

I've always claimed jealousy for those who 'get' to live where it snows. If I ever did have to go through all that, I'm guessing I might change my tune. ;-Þ

No new major weather predictions that I'm aware of, but then, I rarely turn on the boob tube.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Don't be jealous anymore... Snow on the ground this AM... looks like a CHRISTMAS CARD out there.. snow on the housetops, the ground, and on top of any cars parked outside.

WHY? It is almost APRIL 1 and we still have SNOW ON THE GROUND!

AND.. I might have lost my playground duty mitten/gloves yesterday. They were in my coat pocket when I left my classroom and not still in my pocket when I got on base yesterday afternoon. SIGH... pretty pink stripes.. sort of matching the WARM long wool scarf that I wear on snow outside duty days... 'maybe gone'

WARM WOOL fingerless mittens that changed to covered mittens... dropped somewhere in the hallway (one can hope) or outside on the cold snow-covered parking lot.