Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still busy

Moving to a new place takes so much time and energy to get everything done. I am not good at paperwork in the first place-- Ok, the truth is... I am paperwork 'challenged.' Sometimes it seems that you go backwards and don't get much done in the first place... and trust me on this... when you work for the US GOVERNMENT... you do have paperwork to do! :D

Other news:
I do have a place to live and will move in on September 1. (photos of my new home are in a previous post) My household goods will be delivered on September 5. I will get a loaner bed, sofa, coffee table, dining table and chairs on September 1.

This will also give me a chance to: clean and figure out where I want the furniture to be placed a few days later- after all, it is a 3 story house and it won't be a simple drag things down the hallway or into another room if I get an inspiration to switch things around.

I hope that my new house will qualify for the American washer and dryer... not that there's anything wrong with the German models... but, I prefer the top load, larger sized American machines and ok, the big reason? You can do a load of wash in the typical 30 minutes instead of an hour and a half in the German washer. The American dryer dries much quicker and faster too. The office that loans us the appliances will determine which type I get to use (after they visit my laundry room in the new house), during my stay, and I'll know when they deliver the appliances. I had the European washer and dryers when I lived in Italy a few years ago. I AM ALSO SO EXCITED THAT I WILL HAVE A LAUNDRY ROOM!!

The new kitchen already has built in cabinets, including a refrigerator- I was fortunate in that respect and I also did decide to request an American refrigerator to be placed in the basement- so, that I'll have a larger freezer space. I don't even know if this particular German model has a freezer in it or not? All, I know is that it was a little shorter than I am- so, it is possible that it doesn't have one or if it does-- it will be small in size. AND, I'll be truthful, I'm from the south and I need ice in my drinks- even in the winter. In Europe, you don't get ice in any drinks unless you ask and even then -- they might give you 2 or 3 cubes.

I am in a nice hotel and it's been fun to have meals with my new co-workers who are also staying in the same hotel and other hotels in the area-- however, I have been here for 3 weeks and I am ready to be in my own house and have more than one room to walk around and have my own things around me too. I am looking forward to sitting outside in the last days of fall on my patio. Of course, there is the question if I sent my plastic table chair set to storage or did I send it to Germany? While I know that my plastic table and chairs are perfectly serviceable- There is that part of me that wants something really nice for my patio too- after all- I have a wonderful backyard to gaze upon... and you know the kind of patio sets that I mean... metal chairs with cushions and a glass topped table? Maybe even a fire pit to chase off the early fall cool air??

I have also purchased a cell phone. I bought a cheapie brand... about $28.00. In the foreign countries that I've lived in so far- you can just buy a phone and purchase minutes that you can put in your phone and then buy more minutes when you run out. They also have the fancier cell phones with all sorts of calling plans/etc.

However, right now, this basic type of phone is good for me- since, I've only managed to answer any calls to my cell phone 3 times. Not a good track record for over 12 calls that have been placed to my phone. Of course, it would help if: I could find the phone before it stopped ringing or even had the phone with me in the first place. Let me say it this way, it is very doubtful that you'll ever find me, walking around with one of those phones stuck in my ear all day long... looking like I'm talking to myself.

I realize that I am cell phone challenged. Is there a support group for this? And will someone do my paperwork for me?


Renna said...

When my daughter was living in Germany, one of the hardest things for her to adjust to was the tiny little fridges and lack of serviceable freezer space. I hope it works out for you to get to have the American ones.

My daughter (living in US now) is moving to England next month, and she sure hated leaving behind her shiny red top loader washer. Like you, she told me how quickly it washes her clothes.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I will get to have an American fridge/freezer-- I'll put it in the basement. YEAH!!!