Friday, August 8, 2008

I did IT!

I passed my German Driver's License TEST! Whew! I am now legal to drive the streets of Germany.

I've lived in several different countries now and this was the hardest test that I've ever had to take... So many different signs and rules.

But it is done... I have that little piece of paper in my wallet and the 'real license' will arrive by mail in a few weeks.

NOW, if my car would only get here.... and pass the German inspection for registration and then I'll be able to get the new car tags so that it is legal to drive. Sigh...


Renna said...

Congratulations! My daughter learned much of the German countryside from getting lost while driving (unable to read the signs!). She always managed to make her way back home, though. ;-)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

And, we have that castle on top of the hill in the distance as a landmark... that will probably come in handy.

When I used to live in Italy... my town/area was right where the Italian Dolomite mountains started... so, the rule was... keep the mountain behind you and you'll make it home.