Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday... (not rainy at least not right now)

I cancelled my physical therapy session today after school- or at least I had the school secretary call and cancel for me.  I don't know enough Italian to be able to cancel anything on the phone.   I stayed at school and worked until after 6pm.  I got there about 6:30am this morning.   Yes, a long day it was.   I had a lot of things to do at school.   When you teach second graders there is very little that you can do while the students are in the classroom.   I decided that since it was after 6pm- that I would stop at one of the really good pizza places, that I haven't been to since my return from the states, on my way home.   MONDAY = CLOSED  = NO PIZZA

NO PIZZA   I am sad.  I really wanted the one with the great HAM that he had made for me once before.  I knew that I could find it on the menu- even if there are over 70 different types of pizzas on the menu.

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