Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I bought the little wooden wagon last spring at the Nuremberg, Germany Easter Market. The glass chickens and eggs in the wagon were also bought in Germany.

I knitted the little bunny today for this year's Easter addition. I had knitted one for a friend and loved it so much that I knitted one for myself. I need to add some bunny eyes. I rarely take the time to knit items for myself that I have knitted for others- so, I'm trying to make more of an effort to do so.

The ceramic egg tray was bought in the Provence area of France last spring. The lone egg is a real egg with a hand-painted design on it- you can find many of these Easter/Spring painted eggs in Germany. I have several different hand painted eggs; I didn't get them out this year.

The other eggs are hand-blown glass eggs that I bought Saturday in a town that is 100 miles away. I took a friend there this weekend as something fun to do to end my spring break.

My tulips are finally up out of the ground and they look like they might bloom soon.

Spring break is over today and it's back to work tomorrow. :(

I will have to go to work very early tomorrow- to put things back. We had to remove all items from the counters and window ledges for the 'window cleaning' in our classrooms over spring break. I thought about going today- but, I talked myself out of it. Of course, I'll probably regret that decision tomorrow.

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JelliDonut said...

I didn't bother to get out my Easter decorations this year. Thanks for sharing yours.