Friday, April 16, 2010

Yarn, yarn, everywhere YARN...

Yes, it's true. I knit and I have yarn. Lots of yarn. Lots of nice, soft, beautiful yarns.

My lace yarn collection... *Click on photos for a larger/clearer view

Sock yarn
... some brands (Regia) can be found in a couple of the German grocery stores... Can't you see it now? Just buy some yogurt, gummy bears, and some sock yarn and soon you have lots of sock yarn.

My wollmeise yarn collection...

I must admit to a problem with the wollmeise yarns.. it's so pretty.. that I seem to be frozen searching for the perfect pattern to make the yarn shine as it should.

Acrylic yarns for toys, ornaments, baby gifts (sometimes) etc.

AND.. I have more yarn that I didn't photograph. Yes, I need to get busy knitting.

However, almost everything that I knit is gifted to others. I knew that- but, until I was looking at some photos of items that I had knitted in the past couple of years.. I didn't realize how much I did knit for others..(and most of the time- I forget to take photos of what I knit before I give it away) so, I have decided.. that I really, really need to make some changes. I deserve some of the knitted yummyness. I will appreciate it- after all I know how much time it takes to knit something.

So, here is my plan...

Baby knitted gifts, retirement gifts, and milestone birthday knitted gifts are allowed exceptions. Otherwise, I really, really am going to try to knit items for myself.

Of course, prior to coming up with my new decision.. I had knitted some long neck bunnies that I'm going to felt..

and a couple of knitted cat toys that I'll give to the human owners..
A donut and a felted mouse.

I did go through my yarn stash and I found this nice tweedy yarn that I had bought in Italy when I lived there about 10 years ago.. I love this color.

I did start knitting a cardigan with it.. the yarn does seem scratchy though. I'm going to knit a swatch and wash/dry it and see if I can get it to soften up with a wash.

Does anyone else have this same problem? You find that you knit almost only for others? I enjoy knitting for others.. but, darn it.. I'd enjoy some knitted items too.


JelliDonut said...

First of all, let me bow to the greatness of your stash. OMG! Fantastic! Now, let me thank you for putting it on your blog. The next time a certain person says something about how much yarn I have...

Now, about that personal knitting thing, or lack thereof--join a sweater KAL and knit something in your size. Some of that gorgeous wollmeise will do nicely. Yes, you do deserve something for all your talent. Pinky swear you'll do it!

Cheryl in VA said...

I know exactly where you are coming from about knitting for others. I have to admit though, I have taken the opportunity to be selfish about every third project. Enjoy your new project.

Celestya22 said...

You're definitely not alone. I'm on a toy-knitting kick at the moment as well as new baby addiction (Sis just made me an aunt for the first time), so I've been knitting for others exclusively for about a year now. I'm thinking of starting a project for myself to rotate time with between other projects. It may take awhile but if I start it, it will get done. Someday. :D

Love your stash btw! Gorgeous! I don't feel quite so yarn-obsessed now. :D

Jen said...

I'm impressed!

CRAZY DAZY said...

Wow What a stash ....Where do you store it all? I have to smuggle new balls into our house - my husband cant understand why I need so much yarn!!!

Umiko said...

I spent most of last year knitting for others, including a horrible Christmas rush of hand knitted and sewn gifts. This is my year to be as selfish as I like. I bought yarn that I personally want to wear/display and have only made a couple of small, special projects for people close to me. I have to say, I am really enjoying knitting for myself. It feels great to put something on instead of giving it away!

Liran said...

Those colors look delectable!!!! That is a phenomenal collection of yarn and my head is rushing with the many scarves I would make with all that!
I love your love of knitting and great blog!

luganknitter said...

I only knit for "sale" or for friends and family. For some reason the only scarf I will ever wear is the first one I knit. i hate hats, and I just cant find a scarf that I like. I think knitting socks are stupid (they get holes in them so fast!!!)
But I will knit anything for money or friends!