Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behold the POWER of the YELLOW BAG!!


In Germany where I live, there are very specific 'garbage pick up rules'... I left Seoul, Korea, a year ago, with twice weekly recycling garbage pickup of any type of trash that you'd possibly have. It just had to be placed in the correct recycling bins. new home with once a month paper pick up, twice a month 'refuse trash' or as I call it: Bad food and once a month 'yellow bag' trash.

Yellow bag.. trash consists of: plastics, Styrofoam, pieces of aluminium foil. There is no arrangement for the pick up of: cans, glass, or cardboard boxes.

I continued using the American kitchen trash bags in 3 plastic kitchen trash cans.. to help sort the trash and keep it divided up in the proper categories of: PAPER, aluminium cans (even if I don't know where to toss them- I know that they don't go in the trash that does get picked up and putting them in their own bag helps), and of course the yellow bag trash.

When I first moved here.. I asked my landlord where to get the 'yellow plastic bags' for the yellow bag trash. HE gave me a few and they did last a long time- since, this trash is only picked up ONCE A MONTH! I would simply lift up the white kitchen trash can plastic bag from the 'yellow bag' trash can.. and slip it inside the provided PLASTIC YELLOW BAG.

However, recently... I ran out of the YELLOW BAGS for YELLOW BAG TRASH DAY. I asked around and no one knew where to get them either or they told me that they'd been given regular amounts from their landlords, or they just put the trash out in the regular American plastic garbage bags and that the trash guys had taken their 'trash' and left them the much needed plastic yellow bags.

So, that is what I did. However, apparently.. the trash guys in my town.. follow the rules a bit more stringently. They left my nicely tied white plastic regular kitchen trash bags... on my yard to wait for the next month's yellow bag trash pick-up day.. but, they did at least leave me a roll of the REQUIRED PLASTIC YELLOW BAG TRASH BAGS.

So, apparently.. that plastic 'yellow bag' wrapped around the nice, clean, white plastic garbage bag.. lets the trash men know that THE PLASTIC YELLOW BAG is TRASH.. but, a plain PLASTIC WHITE TRASH BAG??.. well, clearly it could be just anything.. but,apparently trash and must be left behind.


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Liz said...

Ahhh, the Germans and their funky trash rules. It took me forever to get the hang of it when I returned to Germany after living in the US for what seemed forever. As for where you can get new yellow bags.... I've been able to get them at Rossmann, Kloppenburg, or other drugstore chains or at grocerystores like Edeka. Just ask the cashier. Or at most of the local gas stations. Again, just ask the cashier.