Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How do you know you live in a safe neighborhood?

YOU ACCIDENTLY leave the key in the door.. not only OVERNIGHT (while inside sleeping) but, also all day while you are at work. Sigh..

In case you're wondering.. yes, it was ME that did that! *Wish I had someone to blame, but it was me.. I guess I did it when I was unloading the Jeep last night... I must have gotten side-tracked and didn't go back to get more things out of the Jeep one more trip like I'd planned.. because, either I was tired or simply side-tracked.

THEN, I apparently went to work leaving the key in my door.. how did I not notice this? The door locks automatically- so, I never use it in the morning.. and my hands were full carrying new stuff out to the JEEP so ... I didn't notice that the key was in the door!

AND, how did I finally notice it? When I got home.. I spent about 10 minutes searching all through my purse (it's pretty stuffed now-- w/ important papers/etc. that I have been sorting through and taking home each night... and I also looked through the teacher bag that I've been hauling back and forth daily to bring things home from the classroom before Friday's last day...

WHEN I couldn't find the key anywhere.. I decided to go to the backside of the house to 'get the hidden key'... and I noticed the key hanging out the keyhole as I walked past the front door.

That's nothing.. when I first moved in.. I discovered upon my return from work that night that I had left the front door standing ajar about 12 inches (yes, loading up the car again) in the winter.. heating the great outdoors while I was at work all day.

Clearly, my mind is getting too full and I need a break...

I'm also sure that my German neighbors are beginning to wonder about me.. yes, the crazy American lady.. who doesn't immediately pull up the dandilion weeds from the driveway, didn't mow her lawn for 3 weeks, and now she leaves her key in the doorway.

I can hear it now.. "Quick, Gunter, look at what she's done now!" :D (Just doing my part to give people something to talk about over the dinner table.)

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Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Oh my! You've been luck a number of times it seems... I don't think there is a neighborhood in Ardmore that would be safe to do that in!