Saturday, January 24, 2009

No, I haven't gotten lost going home in the darkness every afternoon...

However, I can report that it's no longer DARK by 4:15pm... more like 4:45pm now.. so, there is an improvement in the land of winter, dreary darkness.

HOWEVER, there was another freak snowstorm yesterday afternoon mixed in with freezing rain on my way home. Saturday is quite pleasant, almost sunny and with the high temperature of 33*F... this stuff is melting like crazy. Ok, it's melting and it's a good sign to me.

I've been out of the loop again for awhile-- yep, Internet problems still.. however, I have tracked down someone that I can PAY EUROS to and they will come to my house to see what is what. It ALL STARTED WHEN MY COMPUTER DID AN 'AUTOMATIC' UPDATE.. AND THEN, I LOST ALL INTERNET ABLITIES AND 'YES' I AM PAYING FOR THIS STUPID INTERNET SERVICE EVERY MONTH. GRRR

I couldn't call the guy.. because, I have been sick.. I had no voice for 5 days.. NONE... bronchitis/fever/coughing like an 89 year old smoker, (I have never smoked), etc.. I'm still sick.. had almost 102*F fever last night... I did go to work on THUR and FRIDAY... because report card grades had to be completed by Friday afternoon and when you teach 700 little darlings... it takes awhile to get those grades done.

Anyway, I plan to call this man... to come to my house to see what he can do about the Internet connection (the phone company here does not service the problems that one might encounter- they have a phone # that you can call and apparently they will 'walk you through' troubleshooting some of the problems that you might encounter-- however, I've called the number several times when I get home from work and apparently they 'only have one person' who speaks ENGLISH and I give up after about 45 minutes+ on hold.. so, I've never managed to talk to this person so far.

Of course, I was home sick for several days... and might have been able to get someone on the line when their offices first opened up... but, I couldn't do it because I couldn't make a sound with my voice. ALAS... I'm sure that someday I really, really will have INTERNET SERVICE AGAIN.

Things like this make me miss Seoul, Korea... they sent someone to your house for FREE anytime you needed help with your INTERNET PROVIDER and they didn't charge as much $$ either... they even set up the computer internet service for you.. (not here and I finally clicked on enough boxes/etc.. written in German and amazingly it worked.. for a total of 12 days that is)

Don't give up.. I will try to return to regular postings in the future.


Renna said...

My, what a miserable time you've had. I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully, spring is not too far away for you. I look forward to your eventually having internet again. See how positive I'm speaking? ;-)

PS-Those Germans need to take some lessons from the Koreans, it would seem!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from a post you made at Knitting Help. I read it from the beginning and have really enjoyed it.

I hope you feel better soon and get your internet back soon too. I'm really looking forward to hearing about Germany. I visited there (further north) 20 years ago and loved it.

Penny B